Vincent Verfaille

The 'confproc' package

  • Definition: 'confproc' is a LaTeX package together with tools (Unix/bash and Perl scripts) used to build conference proceedings, research proceedings, or any PDF paper compilation, and that requires the semi-automatic generation of the table of contents, author index, general bibliography, and PDF bookmarks. This package is based on 2 very useful packages: hyperref by Sebastian Rahtz and Heiko Oberdiek and pdfpages by Andreas Matthias.

  • To get the source code:

  • The package contains:
  • Examples:
    • used for conference proceedings (provided in the package):

    • options to format the table of contents, bibliography, index:

    • layout and checking options :
      • checking title and author list ('checktitle,checkauthor') superposé à la première page
      •  checking headers and footers (in color: 'headers=allpages,colorheaders=red')
      • checking page numbers (in case paers are already numbered: numbers added by the proceedings are colored with 'headers=allpages,colorheaders=blue' and moved down with 'movepagenumber' or 'movepagenumber=true' so that they can be compared with those in the PDF papers)
      • idem adding the article identifier ('showpapernumber' or 'showpapernumber=true', and 'headers=allpages,colorheaders=blue')
      •  adding column margin lines to check papers' horizontal alignment ('showmarginlines=true' et 'headers=allpages,colorheaders=blue')
      • all together in the test file 'headers=allpages,colorheaders=blue,showmarginlines,movepagenumber,showpapernumber')

  • Versions and bibliography/documentation: